Why hire a Freelance Architect over Salaried Architect

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Why hire a Freelance Architect over Salaried Architect

One who understands the landscape of a building and helps you when you are constructing a new project or planning to make adjustments in an existing building is a person known as Architect.

An Architect can work as a freelancer or also work with big firms where a number of architects work. So, in this article, we will come to know who is a freelance architect, how he works and why should hire a freelance architect for your next project.

Who are Freelance Architects?

Freelance architects plan and design both new and existing buildings. He is responsible for Schematic design, design development, contract documentation, tendering, and contract administration. The sole difference between a freelance architect and one who works for a company is that the former has independent employment.

What do Freelance Architects do?

Typical duties of freelance Architects are site planning, generating building plans, and providing designs. They also evaluate suitable locations and engage with clients.

Freelance Architects can contact clients digitally or physically. The design plan created by him illustrates many components of a structure. To give a realistic approach to the designing plan, a freelance architect can also use virtual reality software.

Difference between Freelance and Salaried Architect

There is a very thin line difference between a freelance architect and a salaried architect. They both have the same responsibilities regarding the work. The difference lies in this that freelance architects have one-on-one interaction with the client and they can give more attention and consideration to a project. For clients, it is also easier to work with freelance architects, because they are not bound to any company and that’s why doesn’t require any chain of command for communication.

Now, why hire a freelance architect, what are the benefits of it

Here’s why you should hire a freelance architect to work with your business:

Customized Results

Freelance architects can give you the exact model you want as they work on a task-by-task basis. This can make freelance architects a more affordable option in comparison to an architect from a firm. They can invest more time in understanding the client’s needs as they don’t have to deal with many clients as an architect who works with the firm.

Save Time and Money

A freelance architect’s services are more of an investment than an extra expense for any construction project. Architects assist in project planning to ensure that the development or renovation is completed in the most economical and effective manner.  An architect’s thorough designs aid contractors in effectively estimating and carrying out the project.

Innovative Ideas

A professional freelancer architect can provide innovative solutions to clients’ needs. They are trained in solving the client’s problems. Freelance architects have more time as they don’t have to go office and that’s why they can give extra time and effort in designing the building project.

From where to hire Freelance Architect

However, since the advent of online freelance marketplaces such as Croxaint, the option to hire a single, freelance architect for a custom set of services has become widely available. Here professional freelance architects are easily available at affordable prices.

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