Selling on Croxaint

Selling on Croxaint

1. Every freelancer is free to join the company subject to the conditions that he shall fulfil the minimum criteria being a freelancer and should have suitable knowledge with regard to the work. Thereafter, the freelancer shall sign up on the portal/website i.e.

2. Every freelancer shall provide their verified original documents of KYC to the company and thereafter to the employer. If any document or KYC would have been found false, then the company shall have a right to reject the registration of the freelancer

3. After approval from the company within 48 hours, the company shall give a confirmation mail to the freelancer and it shall be the duty of the freelancer that he will issue an undertaking in favour of the company that he will follow and adhere with the terms & conditions of the company. Immediately after receiving the email, the freelancer shall sign up on the portal and will send a confirmation of the receiving of email.

4.After the confirmations from both the sides, the freelancer shall be free to post the service of his/ her work on the platform given by the company.

5. A separate memorandum of understanding shall be amongst the freelancer, company and the employer (MOU attached). This MOU shall be the part & parcel of the work to be allotted to the freelancer through the company and the freelancer will abide by the terms & conditions mentioned in the MOU.

6. It shall be the duty of the freelancer to effectively do the work and to complete the work within the time frame as mentioned in the MOU and shall not break any condition of the MOU and shall not withdraw the work without the consent of the employer. In case, if there is any breach of any of the condition or any complaint by the employer, then the freelancer shall be exclusively responsible for any claim and damages. The company shall have no liability to pay any claim or damages.

7. The freelancer after completion of the work shall provide the confirmation of the completion of the work from the employer and thereafter only the company shall release their payments within 7 working days. The company shall first deduct the charges of them and thereafter only release the payment.

8. It will be the sole responsibility of the freelancer to retain the right of privacy of the work of the employer.

9.If there is any conflict between the freelancer & employer, then the company shall not indulge in the same and they will settle their score or any dispute on their own. In case, they need any assistance from the company, then they would be free to call for any help on the customer support ID .

10.In case of any damages due to some technical issue or viruses, malware or any fault on the part of the freelancer, then the company shall have no liability.

11. The freelancer shall not post any kind of unwarranted profiles or any adultery things upon the website or the portal and in case, if there is any breach, then the company would have a right to disable their profile.

12. Any illicit activities or any kind of misbehaviour or any fraudulent activities come in the notice of the company, then the company would be free to retain the revenue of the freelancer to be paid by the employer.

13. All the work done or files to be exchanged regarding the work shall be exchanged only on the company platform.