What is a Temp Agency: working, and Pros & cons of Temp Agency

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What is a Temp Agency: working, and Pros & cons of Temp Agency

Are you looking for an employee on a temporary basis? Amazed to hear this? I mean, do you need workers to get the job done, but you won’t need their help after a few months or weeks? If your answer is yes but you don’t know how to recruit these employees, then do take help from a Temp agency.

Yes, to fulfil the temporary demand of employees, temp agencies are there. Now the question arises, what is a temp agency, what do they work, the difference between Staffing solutions and temp agencies, pros & cons of Temp agencies.

What is a Temp Agency?

A temp agency, also known as a temporary employment agency, is a firm that connects businesses with temporary or contract workers. These workers are typically hired to fill simple, entry-level positions that do not require extensive knowledge and training.

 A temp agency charge businesses for finding the right employees to fill positions. This arrangement allows workers to find short-term and low-commitment opportunities while businesses benefit from avoiding hiring and firing a full-time employee to fill a temporary need.

So, if you need short-term help during periods of high demand, you can use a temp agency to find workers.

How does Temp Agency work?

Temp agencies connect businesses with temporary workers who will work with the company from a few days to a few months. The agency employs the candidate and it is the employer. The businesses hiring the employee can’t make any contract with him as he abides to follow all legal formalities with the temp agency.

How to work with a Temp Agency?

To work with a Temp Agency, businesses need to follow a process define below:

1. Define need: Being an employer, you have to mention or define what skillset you are looking for in the candidate, work duration, and salary.

2. Search a Temp agency and tell them about your requirements. Before choosing any temp agency, always check their credentials, background and working methods.

3. Now choose from the temp candidates that have been selected by the temp agency after interviews and training sessions.

Now as we come to know what is a temp agency and how to work with a Temp agency, let’s discuss the most important aspect i.e. How a Temp agency helps businesses in getting the right employee?

How Temp Agency selects the best candidate?

A Temp agency follows the below-mentioned steps for selecting the temp candidate as per the company requirement

1. Shortlisting candidates on the basis of Interview: A basic interview of all persons is done by the temp agency. In this, the agency comes to know about their skills, background, previous job experience and other details.

2. Ask relevant and necessary questions from the employer to know what they expect from the worker. This helps to find a suitable match.

3. From the pool of their candidates, the temp agency chose the best suitable candidate for your business.

4. Before sending candidates to you (business/company), they analyze candidates’ skills and if require, upskill or give training to them so that they can perform better at the workplace.

Necessary things to know about a Temp Agency

1. Temp agencies charge businesses, not employees

A temp agency would not charge a candidate for being a part of their talent pool. This is because a candidate is going to offer his services to organizations which are looking for talented people.  And in this process, Temp agencies simply exist to connect the right candidate to the right clients.

Hiring through an agency saves the company’s time especially when people are needed for a short-term project, like for 6 months or less than a year. And that’s why to save their time, companies pay to agencies to supply a pre-approved employee to fill their talent needs.

2. Employees are paid by Agencies, not by business

Even if you are working for a company and show up to work every day, you are still employed by the temp agency. Although the company that contracts with the agency may have the right to record your daily time, they are not responsible for your pay, benefits, or other issues.

The temp agency has a system in place to ensure that their employees are paid on time. If Employee faced any issue in the company, then he can complain to the agency and then the agency will discuss it with the company.

3.   Temp Agency is not equal to guaranteed employment

Signing with a temp agency doesn’t mean that you will get the job for sure. The candidate will be interviewed first and then tested for the require skill set. After this, the recruiter will place you at a suitable position.

What is the difference Between Staffing solution and Temp Agency

Staffing agencies or staffing solutions help find workers for all kinds of roles. This includes temporary roles, but also contract hiring for more than 1 year and permanent job roles. It is unlike temp agencies that work only for short-term availability.

Temp agenciesStaffing agencies
Provide candidates for temporary rolesProvide candidates for both long-term roles and temporary roles
Provide employees immediatelyTakes some time to find the right employee
The agency is the employerThe company is the employer
Provide employees for general roles that require little to no expertiseProvide employees who are specialized and will stay in the role long term, improving your employee retention rate
Simplified screening processThe little detailed screening  process

What to do if Staffing solutions and Temp agency services could not find the right candidate?

If neither temp nor staffing agencies appear to be a good fit for your company, consider some of these alternative staffing options.

Hire freelancers. Hiring a freelancer is similar to hiring a temp employee. Companies like Croxaint can be a good option if you need specific expertise, and a pool of talent itself.

Use social media to post job req. On social media platforms, like LinkedIn you will get a pool of talent ready to work. this allows businessman to expand their network beyond expectations.

Referrals: Ask for referrals from your friends, family and other people.

So this was about Temp agency, its working, pros and cons of Temp Agency and extra. If you have any doubt related to the topic, do mention them below.  

Seema Jain

Author Since: 01/02/2022

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