Types of Logos: Importance in brand Building

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Types of Logos: Importance in brand Building

So you are planning to start a new business, and after long hours of discussion, you have decided on the business name. But what about the business logo?  How much time you have devoted to designing your logo? Logo design also takes effort and time because apart from the business name, the logo makes your business a brand. A logo is the presentation of any business that helps in making it a brand. People recall the business name just by looking at the logo. A logo is termed as a point of identification and a crucial asset for every business because it represents a brand’s identity and sets the business apart from its competitors.

When you are designing the logo, whether it is from a free logo maker or from a logo designer, always consider the various forms a logo can take. Here are nine different types of logos you’ll find, along with tips on how to use them to create a winning design, ranging from a single visual symbol to plain text or different combinations of the two.

7 types of logos that you can create for your business are:

  • Wordmarks/logotypes
  • Letterforms
  • Logo symbols/brand marks/pictorial marks
  • Abstract logo marks
  • Mascots
  • Emblems
  • Dynamic Marks

1. Wordmarks

A wordmark logo is simply a company’s full name stylized in a specific font or typeface—it is made up entirely of text. A wordmark should ideally use a different font so that it can stand out from common typefaces.

Canon, IBM, and Disney all three are examples of wordmarks logos.  These three have a unique font, typesetting and colour.

Before selecting wordmarks as your logo, take into consideration that your company name must not be very long. Wordmark logo is ideal for new businesses that want to make their names stand out as it improves consumer recognition and retention.

2. Letterforms

Letterforms logos are also known as lettermark logos or monogram logos. These are generally the initials of your business name. Brands like H & M stands for Hennes & Mauritz, HP stands for Hewlett & Packard are examples of Letterform logos. Letterform logos are an easy way to condense longer company names and are adaptable across materials.

As there are only a few letters in letterform logos, its typography plays an important role. The letter format must be clear to people.

The advantage of using a letterform logo is that long brand names can be fit into small spaces. Acronyms and monograms are powerful recognition tools that consumers can recall.

Designing a letterform logo is not easy as it requires stylized typeface for that you must consider hiring a professional freelance Logo designer at Croxaint.com

3. Mascots

A mascot logo uses an illustrated character that acts as a visual representation of a brand. They can be anything from fictitious creatures to real people, as long as they reflect the brand’s identity. A brand becomes more approachable when a mascot is used. Some famous brands with mascots in their logos are KFC, Wendy’s, and Pringles. 

A mascot can also be used to create a fun, playful vibe that will appeal to the target audience, that’s why companies that cater to children frequently use this type of logo. Marketing and social media campaigns become more successful and engaging when the mascot logo is used. However, because they frequently contain more details than a standard logo, they may necessitate a simplified version for small dimensions, such as favicons or business cards.

4. Pictorials

Pictorials are graphic icons, symbols, or images that reflect the identity of a brand. Typically, these types of logos represent a real-world object. Some of the best logos with symbols are those which are identified by people when they see them. It may also take some time for customers to recognize your logo and associate it with your brand. But once it became famous, nothing can beat them. Examples like Apple, Twitter, Instagram etc.

Always design a tempting pictorial logo design that is trendy and contemporary as you don’t want to create a new logo months later in order to stay current.

5. Abstract Logo

These are image-based logos that reflect a company’s branding by using abstract forms. Abstract logo marks are more metaphorical than pictorial marks, which represent a real object. These logos need to use repetitively so as to cultivate the buyer’s emotions toward the brand.

Consumers find abstract logos appealing as it’s a mnemonic that communicates indirectly and will hold consumers’ attention for a longer period of time. Companies with a multi-sector presence can benefit from an abstract logo; it does not need to conform to a specific industry’s aesthetic.

6. Emblems

Emblems logos use a pictorial element and the company name. Classic examples of Emblem logos are Harley-Davidson, Warner Bros, and BMW.

Emblems were earlier used for seals, stamps, and government agency symbols. Emblem logos are often more detailed and are associated with superior quality and reliability due to their long history.

Emblem logos give a more professional look to a company and provide more creative freedom for brand promotion. You have to choose a creative logo designer for getting an attractive pictorial logo. An emblem logo elevates the brand identity.

7. Dynamic Logo

As the name indicates, a dynamic is what keeps on changing. Google is the best example of a dynamic Logo as it adjusts its logo as per the occasion. Dynamic logos can use different colours, fonts, and shapes than those used for the official logo. 

These logos are typically used by well-established businesses with a strong customer base. To use a dynamic logo, you should ideally have strong brand recognition. A dynamic logo can be adapted to specific contexts and situations and can also become viral.

Dynamic Type of logo


Now You may be wondering how to design a good logo after understanding the types of logos and the significance of good marketing. You can create a logo with logo design software or hire a professional logo designer and let their expertise guide the rest of your branding.

If you want to hire a freelance logo designer, consider croxaint.com.

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