Tips for Freelancer: How to get Web Design Clients

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Tips for Freelancer: How to get Web Design Clients

Are you a freelance web designer? Are you also worried about not getting regular freelance projects? If your answer is Yes, then welcome you are a part of 70% of the freelancer web designers community that keeps on searching for web design clients.  For your help, here we will recommend some freelance tips on how to get a web design client.

The web designing market is a competitive market. There are lots of designers and developers out there who are working as freelancers and choosing among them is a difficult task for an employer too. So to get in the eyes of your prospective client, you must have the skills to sell yourself.

Here are the tips on how to get a web design client

1. Maintain Social Media Profile

Clients always like to work with earlier known freelancers, as trust is a big thing in business. To get the repetitive client, your social presence and personal brand are two of the most powerful weapons you have at your disposal.

You should have an audience on social media channels, among which you can share your work, exhibit your personality and establish yourself as a brand. It also helps because social media is a widely used medium. As a designer, you can approach social media networks as a personal portfolio and appear more approachable.

Your Social Media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Linkedin must be updated and your feed should showcase the work done to you.

 LinkedIn is a professional platform for connecting with new clients. LinkedIn provides recruitment services that help businesses find qualified candidates for their open positions. So if you want, an employer to find you, include keywords like “freelance web designer” in your description. You can also get recommendations from previous clients on Linkedin to make your profile more trustworthy.

2. Personal Portfolio Website

No client would put their new website in hands that can’t even maximise its own online presence. It should go without saying that your website’s design and functioning should be flawless. Make it as simple and intuitive as possible for the user. Clients must be able to find your website in order for you to gain new web design clients.

Your personal portfolio website must be optimized to appear on the search engine results pages (SERPs). When you have an optimized website, clients would get attracted to it and may hire you for their website.

Your Personal Portfolio website must have sections where your previous clients and link to their websites are given so that they can check easily check your work.

3. Build a Niche

Niche is something like you have hands-on experience in a particular field. Another way to get a web design client is by becoming a web design specialist within a certain industry.

Becoming a web design specialist might assist you in focusing your branding efforts. This will allow you to target your marketing and attract more targeted followers who are more likely to be future clients.

Building a niche would help you to stand out in the competitive market of web designing. For Example, if you are an education website expert and have designed many education websites, then a client would consider only you rather than a general freelance web designer for its education website.

These factors can help you raise your prices as your specialisation would be worth more to your target client.

4. Referrals

To get new web design clients, one of the finest methods is to ask for referrals from existing clients. To get recommendations and referrals from the clients, be sure you have done the work with complete dedication because it’s a lot easier to get referrals when you have won over the client’s trust.

As your network expands and you become more well-known in your area, you will inevitably receive referrals. Actively seeking referrals, on the other hand, will get you a lot more work in a shorter amount of time.

A few things to remember to get referrals as being a freelance web designer are

  • Keep good communication with the client
  • Get the job done on time
  • Keep your client happy
  • Take Feedback from the client after the work done
  • You can also give referral incentives to clients on each referral
  • You can send gifts to the clients that have referred great work to you

5.  Look out for Jobs on Freelance Marketplace

To get Web design clients, freelancing marketplaces like croxaint digital Pvt Ltd are a good option. Different marketplaces offer different services. While some freelance marketplaces will force you to lower your costs, others will lay emphasis on quality work. You can negotiate the charges as per your own will with the client to get the project.

Some freelance marketplaces are like that you have to go through a rigorous screening process to prove your mettle, but the reward it gives is that you will get high rates for your work, and access to projects from top companies.

So here were the foolproof tips to get the web design clients you desire. If you do it well, you’ll be turning people away with your skills and mettle.

Are you ready to start capturing web design clients? So don’t waste time and get register on for getting new web design clients.

Seema Jain

Author Since: 01/02/2022

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