Pros and Cons of Freelancing and Full-time Employment

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Pros and Cons of Freelancing and Full-time Employment

Do you want to be a freelancer? but confused about whether to be a freelancer or an employee at a company? It’s ok. You are not alone who is stuck in this dilemma. Professionals all over the world are debating the pros and cons of Freelancing and Full-time employment.

Being a full-time employee or a freelancer has numerous benefits and drawbacks, and before determining which is ideal for you, you need to think carefully about the positives and negatives of both.

Let’s discuss the benefits of being a Freelancer

Pros of Freelancing

Take the Job where you want

Being a freelancer, the foremost benefit is that you can take your job with you wherever you go. It does not obligate you to stay in one spot. You can choose to work from home or work from anywhere you would like to.

No Fixed Working Hours

One of the benefits of being a freelancer is that you don’t have to work for fixed hours like an employee. You can choose to work at your pace and time as you are the boss. Being a freelancer, there are no stay backs or late hour meetings. Nobody tells you how to work, you know your work deadline, and you get to finish it whenever.

Take a break when you want

If you want to be a freelancer, the benefit of taking vacations or breaks at any time can be enjoyed. Because you’re not committed to a schedule and you don’t have to ask for permission!

This is one of the best benefits of being a freelancer, as you’re not bound by a certain amount of days for vacation and you’re allowed to take as many holidays as you want and whenever you want.


Freelancing is more lucrative than full-time employment. You do not have to wait for a monthly salary because you are paid per project, and you can have more than one project per month, so your income could be double that of a salary.

Cons of Freelancing

Income Stability

We know that money is better in freelancing than fixed employment, but it is not stable. It might happen that in one month, you earn a lot but subsequently, in the second month, you don’t have any project. It all depends on the employer’s needs.

Lack of Benefits

In full-time employment or fixed employment, the employee gets numerous advantages, such as medical, health insurance, and travel allowances, while freelancing does not. Furthermore, as a full-time employee, your days off will be reimbursed because you are permitted to take certain days off as holidays; freelancing will not pay for your time off and will have an impact on your finances.

Isolation & Boredom

One of the disadvantages of being a freelancer is that you get bored working all alone. While working, sometimes, you may need someone to talk but there is no one to giggle with when you’re a freelancer.

Full-Time Employment Pros and Cons

Pros of Full-time Employment

Fixed Income

Having a full-time job means having a monthly wage and a consistent income to support yourself or your family; it may not be as much as what freelance jobs give, but at least you know you will be paid at the end of the month.

Career Growth

As a full-time employee, you will get numerous career growth job options which are not possible in freelancing.  At fixed employment, you also learn from other people and from your own mistakes too. There is senior management to guide you.

 Extra Benefits

Being a Fixed time employee, you are entitled to a few of the benefits like medical and health insurance, travel allowances, rent allowances, incentives etc. This is not possible in freelancing.

The Cons of Full-time Employment

Work Pressure

Being a full-time employee, the main issue is work pressure. You are forced to work for fixed hours and work to be completed under a given deadline. You can’t work as per your own will as your boss is there to guide you.


People working full time are always complaining that they don’t have enough time for their social work. Travelling from home to office and vice-versa takes a lot of time which will leave you exhausted to do any other activities.

Working with a Boss

If you’re a freelancer, you are your own boss. Freelancing allows you to choose what you want to work on, whereas working full-time usually requires you to work on projects and complete particular duties as per your job description.

As everything has its pros and cons, the same freelancing and full-time employment have. It depends on you what you choose as per your will and personality and how you overcome the problems that come along the way.

Seema Jain

Author Since: 01/02/2022

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