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Data Processing

If you are looking for clean data (structured or unstructured) you are in the right place.

I’m a web scraping expert with tons of experiments scraping hundreds of websites.

You will have your needed data using python web scraping/crawling technologies such as scrapy,selenium,splash, playwright (with scrapy-playwright middleware) and send it to you with your required format (CSV, JSON, Jl, XLSX ….etc)

Why me?

  • clean and well-documented code
  • fast delivery time
  • I will clean your data with pandas library before delivering it

My services include but not limited to :

  • web scraping data from e-commerce websites.
  • data extracting from social media.
  • data extracting from almost any website.
  • massive data collection.
  • can handle login if necessary (sometimes with scrapy directly without the need of a headless browser)
  • reverse engineer the internal api of the website and using scrapy directly (in case the performance in needed)
  • filling sql or nosql databases with the generated data

I’ll need :

  • the URL where I can find your data
  • contact me before placing your order to make sure everything will work

Order now and let’s grow your business!


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Email Verified Identity Verified Neha Rani

Data processing

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