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"Writes compelling copy that captures the attention of your audience"

As a freelance copy writer and content writer, I specialize in creating compelling, informative and engaging content for a variety of mediums. My expertise lies in crafting high-quality content to help businesses and organizations reach their target audiences. I have the ability to create content for a variety of topics, from technical and business-related topics to lifestyle, health and wellness, educational, and financial topics. My writing style is clear, concise, and tailored to the intended audience.

My area of expertise

1. Keyword Research – Proficiency in conducting keyword research to identify high-value, relevant keywords and phrases that can drive organic traffic.

2. On-Page SEO –  Implementing on-page SEO best practices, including optimizing meta titles, descriptions, header tags, and image alt text to improve search engine rankings.

3. Voice and Tone – Adapting the writing style to match the brand’s voice and tone while maintaining SEO best practices.

4. Keeping Abreast of Algorithm Updates – Staying updated on search engine algorithm changes and trends to adjust strategies accordingly.

So if you’re looking for an experienced freelance copy writer or content writer to create content for your business, 

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Email Verified Identity Verified Mahak Garg

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Email Verified Identity Verified Mahak Garg

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Email Verified Identity Verified Mahak Garg

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  •  Jun 2022 - Aug 2022


Ba in English Honors

  •  Guru Jambheswar University
  •  Apr 2022 - Present

Digital Marketing Course

  •  Hisar Institute of Digital Marketing
  •  Sep 2021 - Apr 2022

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