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Author Since: 21/09/2023
Why More Employers are Turning to Freelancers

The craze of 9 to 5 jobs started diminishing a long ago, the traditional employment models are where employers have to work for the company according to the rules and regulations, but the new era of flexibility, agility where employers are turning into freelancers to meet their working needs and condition. Most of the freshers,....

How Employers Can Save Money by Hiring Freelancers

Exploring the possibility of expanding your staff without incurring the high cost of hiring full-time employees. That is the power of freelancing! Without a doubt, freelancers make money by using the best freelancing platform like Croxaint, but this is the time for employers to save their money by hiring freelancers. The biggest point to consider....

How to Attract the Best Freelancers to Your Project

Whether you’re an entrepreneur with a mind-blowing startup idea, a seasoned business owner seeking to overhaul your website, or a genius looking to bring your vision in the form of writing and designing, the calibre of freelancers you hire may make or break the outcome of your business. In the ever-revolving world of “Freelancing” employers....