7 great lessons that every Freelancer should learn

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7 great lessons that every Freelancer should learn

The traditional 9 to 5 Job is not so more trending now. After coronavirus pandemic, work from home or freelancing concept has spread its wings. From past few years, freelancing jobs and freelancing community has increased. If you are also the one who is planning to quit 9 to 5 job and shifting the focus on becoming a freelancer, here are few things that every freelancer should know before starting freelancing career.

However, a freelancer is a person who is his own boss, works as per his own will and timings. So if you are a freelancer or preparing to be one, here are few things to remember.

1. Be You

Being confident in who you are as a freelancer is one of the most crucial lessons to learn. You should have a personal approach to your creative work but be generalized after getting hired. There must be something unique that only you can provide to the client, it will help you to getting hire easily.

2. Make a habit to say ‘No’

When you have responsibilities and bills to pay, it is easy to say yes to any assignment that comes your way, but don’t. When interacting with a potential client, check all the possibilities before saying yes. They should be on time and show courtesy when you negotiate on rates. These questions will assist you in determining whether or not this potential client is a suitable fit. Remember that accept only those projects that are worth your time and skill and say no to the rest.

3.  Make your Network

In order to be a good freelancer, you must have network with other freelancers. Now the question comes why this networking or strong relationship building is necessary in freelancing community. It can be understand in this manner that sometime may be you’ re overburdened with client’s work, in that case, if you have a network of peers you can call on to collaborate and bounce ideas off of. It’s a lot easier to get things done in this way and also helps in building relationship.

4. Get yourself a website

If you want to be a successful freelancer, than the most important lesson a freelancer should learn is to build a portfolio site. A portfolio site is the most effective tool of self-promotion and self promotion is the key to successful freelancing. Your portfolio website will be the first thing the prospective client will see and in the website you can mention how many various projects you have already done.

Building a personal portfolio website is easy and here is the link to have steps to create a personal portfolio website.

5. Always Charge Nominal Amount

So, what should your fee be? It’s a common question among new freelancers. You should not ask for too much money that it scares the client, and, also do not ask such a low price that client undervalue your worth. To give an accurate quote, get as much information as possible regarding the client’s needs, the work’s usage, the time they need for project completion and the rights they require. On the basis of all the factors, ask for the appropriate amount. Always negotiate for the money you are getting. The 6 tips on negotiating as freelancer.

6. Target the Right client

While pitching the client, a lesson every freelancer should learn is that target the right client. You’ll be able to more effectively send proposals to clients, if you have a definite client audience in mind. This will help you in saving your time in searching the projects. When you have decided that you will work for a particular kind of company, then it becomes more easier to work .

7. Patience

Working as a freelancer can be boring at times as you work in alone. As Rome is not built in a day, in the same way, it takes dedication and patience to build a creative career, and it can take a long time to become well-known freelancer. This is one of the best lessons that every freelancer should learn. It is important to believe in yourself, when things aren’t moving as rapidly as you’d want.

You must be persistent and stay motivated. It may take some time for you to obtain your first project. “It can be discouraging as you will send your work to number of people but they simply ignore you. However, do not get discourage and disheartened, just believe in yourself and your work, one day results will surely follows you.

So, at the end we hope and believe that you will get an idea of what all lessons a freelancer should learn while working. Now it will help you in becoming a better freelancer. Keep up the good job, be persistent, and cultivate relationships, and you’ll be OK.

Seema Jain

Author Since: 01/02/2022

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