5 Methods Freelance Video editor must use to make effective videos

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5 Methods Freelance Video editor must use to make effective videos

Video content is now crucial for building any brand and expanding business online. With the emergence of social media sites like TikTok, Youtube Shorts, Instagram reels, and easy editing tools, the trend of video content is increasing day by day.

As per an estimation, video traffic will account for 82% of all internet traffic in the year 2022. Video creators are recording videos with their phones and posting to social media accounts, or also hiring a skilled video editor to make their content stand out from the crowd.

When a competent video editor edits your video, chances are that more people will watch your video. A successful video is one that will be watched all the way through (or, even better, watch it several times) the more it will be offered to new audiences and the more probable it is that your brand will be remembered when it is promoted through organic social media posts.

To increase the engagement and effect of your videos, here are the top 5 methods a skilled freelance video editor can use to increase engagement and impressions on your video:

Develop hooks

Your video should immediately grab the viewer’s attention in order to be successful. A hook is a question, statement, or eye-catching image that captures the attention of your audience right away and establishes the tone for the rest of the material and what they can expect next. The best hooks use text graphics, animation, and other visual upgrades, and this is where a skilled video editor can be of great assistance.

A freelance video editor can edit your content to make the first few seconds as compelling as possible, setting up the hook that will pique viewers’ interest and keep them watching all the way to the finish.

Creates Structure

You must maintain your audience’s interest once you’ve captured their interest. Professional video editors may give your video content structure and flow, making it more engaging and helping to keep viewers watching over the typical 50% drop-off point. The effectiveness of the video for your brand and company increases as more people watch it.

Make powerful CTAs

The final phase is to persuade your audience to take an action as a result of watching your video once you’ve effectively “hooked” them and kept them engaged throughout. This is referred to as a “call-to-action.” An effective call-to-action in the video can be made by a freelance video editor by inserting an interactive text or picture graphic that compels the viewer to take the desired action. This increases the rate of conversions and encourages viewers to follow, explore, or make a purchase after watching your video.

Edit for a variety of platforms

When you hire a freelance video editor, make sure they use the correct video editing software because in today’s time videos are not created for anyone’s platform. There is a number of platforms where you can post your video content. And it will be a very time-consuming process if you have to create video content for a number of devices in terms of size, frame orientation, and resolution.

A professional video editor will be able to format your video to fit the different channels you are posting to as well as provide you with creative considerations and advice during the creation to make videos more engaging.

Use the video library as an Asset

A freelance video editor must consider how to recreate used footage and video content again because the need for video content is continually rising from platform to platform and audience to audience. You can still benefit from the video content you generated three years ago if you want it. A video editor can easily update the intro and outro for you if all that has to be done. And when it comes to spending money on the subsequent video material, ask your freelance video editor whether they can cut the video into manageable segments that you can use on other social media platforms to convey different themes.

Finding a freelancer is an ideal option to achieve the essential video content quality because hiring a full-time video editor may be heavy on your pocket and it might happen that you don’t have enough work for them.

If you are looking for freelance video editors,   see Croxaint’s freelancers list having portfolios and ratings from previous clients, saving you money on recruitment advertising and time-consuming interviewing procedures. To get going right away, just locate a freelancer who meets your requirements and send them a message.

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