5 Common Issues that Freelancers experience

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5 Common Issues that Freelancers experience

The life of a freelancer can appear quite appealing as they need not to dress up for work, no long morning commutes, no supervisor looking over their shoulder – who will not like all this? But, with pros come cons also. It is not always easy to do freelancing as there are ups and downs in it like every business. Here are some of the most common issues that freelancers experience, along with solutions to help them live the best freelancing life.

Here are some common issues:

1. Getting Clients or Work

One of the most common issues for freelancers is getting regular clients or a steady supply of employment. It is entirely up to you to identify projects and book clients as a freelancer. And not finding enough work isn’t the only issue that freelancers confront – another issue is sometimes having too many jobs and you have to turn down a few of them. But this circumstance is certainly better than the other.

How to overcome the issue of getting clients or work

Being a freelancer, you should not wait until that client will call or mail you. Instead, make a move first and get in touch with them and keep showing your work.

Never depend on one or two clients, instead work with multiple clients online and offline in both modes.

Be active on Social media and join online groups that might help you showcase your portfolio and discover new clients.

2. Managing Difficult Clients

Difficult clients are those whose objectives are not clear, do not understand your viewpoint and fail to answer on time. And the worst ones do not pay on time, so you must keep following up to be reimbursed for your efforts.

How to overcome difficult clients

Always be clear with the client on what you can and cannot accomplish, and stick to those boundaries. Also, inform the clients about your working hours, the number of modifications you’ll make, your time zone, and the payment date from the start.

Have a written contract with the client mentioning each and every term related to money. Refer to the agreement if the customer refuses to pay, attempts to pay too little, or demands that you go above and beyond the scope of work that both parties agreed on.

If you met the client through a freelancing website like croxaint.com you will get genuine clients for sure.

3. Freelancing can be Boring at times

Doing work all alone can become boring sometimes. Boredom can occur even in the busiest of offices, and freelancing is all about working alone, thus it is the easiest location to become bored. This is a common issue that freelancers experiences.  

You may become bored while working on a project. Or you may grow tired of being a freelancer. But no matter what the reason is, you can kick off your boredom with these ways

How to overcome the issue of getting bored

To overcome the issue of boredom, always choose the work that excites you or you enjoy. Never choose the work only for money.

You can also join a co-working space. In a co-working space, you will get a quiet environment and like-minded remote working people.   

Also, Depending on your industry, you can also collaborate with other freelancers. With this method, you’ll retain your independence while still benefiting from your team’s built-in social network.

4. Financial Planning

Financial planning is one of the most common issues that freelancer experiences. It might be difficult to manage finances being a freelancer, as sometimes you have to deal with limited income or uncertainty in getting the next paycheck. Planning your finances helps prevent the onset of difficult financial times.

How to overcome the issue of Financial planning

Manage your resources to sustain your expenses as projects come and go. Signing up several clients, allocating payment schedules, and establishing a fixed payment plan with clients can give a consistent source of income.

In another case, you should avoid impulsive buying as and when you get huge income from any project.

5. No Promotion & Extra benefits

As you are a freelancer, you are your own boss. You may enjoy working on your own terms, but keep in mind that if you are not working with any company, you may miss out on certain employee benefits, privileges and office parties. It may also happen that your job profile can’t be understandable by others.

How to overcome the issue of Extra Benefits

 As a freelancer, you are your own boss. So, if you accomplish something major, reward yourself. Revise your income goals every now & then and strive to accomplish them. One advantage of being a freelancer is that you can take a break whenever you want and you can also work while travelling. You need not worry about the leave getting sanctioned while planning for a vacation.  


There are various types of freelancers and they face different issues while working as freelancers. So we can’t say these are the only issues that a freelancer experiences, it may differ from one category of a freelancer to another.

We hope that if as a freelancer, you are facing the above-mentioned problems,  the overcoming methods given here will help you to keep going strong!

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Seema Jain

Author Since: 01/02/2022

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