3D Animation: Process, Benefits, and how to become a 3D Animator

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3D Animation: Process, Benefits, and how to become a 3D Animator

Do you know what makes you feel so immersed while watching movies like Avengers, Frozen, and other Disney movies? The technology behind all this is 3D Animation. With 3D animation, graphics get livelier, sharper, and cooler. Now the question arises why do people adore 3D animation? Because they’re exciting, engaging, and excellent communicators. It’s no surprise that so many businesses rely on them for brand storytelling, creating a welcoming image, and attracting new customers.

So today in this article, to understand 3D animation in detail, we will discuss

  • What is 3D Animation
  • Differences between 2D and 3D animation
  • Ways to use 3D animation
  • 3D animation process
  • What are the benefits of 3D animation?
  • Who is a 3D Animator
  • How to become a 3D Animator

What is 3D Animation?

3D animation is the process of placing objects and characters in a 3D space and manipulating them to create the illusion of motion. These visuals are created with 3D software, the objects appear 3D despite being on a 2D surface. Animators can make anything from a video game character to a car moving in three dimensions using visual effects and precise timing.

Characteristics of 3D Animation

Modelling (not drawing)


Realistic depictions

Difference between 2D and 3D Animation

In a 2D world, the images appear flat, with only an x-axis (horizontal) and a y-axis (vertical). 3D animation, on the other hand, adds a critical third axis, the z-axis, which creates depth. Old-school Disney animated films such as “Sleeping Beauty” is an example of 2D animation. Examples of 3D animation include “Frozen” and “Avengers”.

The technique behind creating 2D and 3D animations brings this difference. To create a 2D animation, the animator creates a sequence of drawings on a flat plane and gives motion through the rapid succession of these 2D scenes whereas a 3D animation structure is created by building 3D models and then navigating them in a three-dimensional setting. 

Process of 3D Animation

3D techniques can make an animated figure on a two-dimensional screen and not only make it look three-dimensional, but also make it move through three-dimensional space. So how was this 3D animation created?

Here’s an overview of the Process of 3D Animation:

1. Modeling

The first step of 3D Animation is Modeling. In this, Animators create 3D objects that will serve as the foundation for animation. A modelling tool is used to create this type of animation. A basic 3D model is a mesh of points, lines, and curves arranged in a way to map out an object. The computer sees this model as a pure geometric shape. Colour and texture are then applied to the 3D model followed by rigging, which creates a skeleton for the animation character that allows it to move.

2. Layout and Animation

Now after the 3D modelling, it’s time to put animation in the character. This means putting characters in their respective scenes and animating their movements with 3D animation software.

Before finalizing the scene, animators produce a rough first draft to create only the starting and ending poses of any motion. These poses are known as keyframes. The lighting, camerawork, and other effects & details are added much later to achieve the final animation.

3. Rendering

Rendering is the last part of the 3D animation process. Here animation is finalized and exported. This is an important step that requires great attention to every detail before getting polished. Here, the production process ends here and now followed by post-production, where special effects, voice-over, music, and sound effects are added and synchronized with the whole animation.

Benefits of 3D Animation in today’s World

3D animation has proven useful in a variety of fields, including advertising, medical research, architectural design, entertainment and more. It is being used nowadays at a great level because of its several benefits. These are some of the distinct advantages provided by 3D animation.

1. Captivate the user

3D animation increases user engagement by creating more lifelike and interesting imagery. The great animation and real-life characters draw the viewer in and keep them captivated.

2. Easy Communication

Using 3D animation, it is possible to create clearer images that give the impression of being in the real world. This can improve communication, such as a product might look real in a 360-degree view and help the user in getting a clear perception of it.  

3. Excellent marketing tool

Businesses can use 3D animation to better communicate their brand as a more modern and forward-thinking brand by providing more detailed insights into their products and services.

Now the question arises, who creates this life-like images and videos? And the answer is 3D Animator.

A 3D animator is one who creates moving images using digital models or digital environments.

Some animators concentrate solely on creating models of humans, animals, and other objects that will appear on the screen and rigging those models, whereas other 3D animators concentrate on the environmental aspects such as backgrounds and background animation.

How to become a freelance 3D Animator?

To work as a freelance 3D animator, you must have the ability to make an imaginary world appear real.3D animators can give characters and objects depth, texture, sound, and varying colours by manipulating images with computer software.

To become a 3D animator, degrees like Bachelor in Design (BDes) or Bachelor of Science (BSc), Bachelor of Arts (BA) or diploma in animation and multimedia can help you progress your career as a 3D animator. To enhance your earning potential, Certifications in animation and VFX can help you get the desired job because they will prove your skills and 3D animation experience. 

To become a freelancer in 3D animation, it is essential to network with professionals working in the creative industry. Also, register as a 3D animator at freelance sites like Croxaint Digital Pvt ltd to get the 3D animation work so as to gain more experience and build a portfolio.

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