SEO Consultant


We are interested in your expertise as an SEO consultant and would like to request a proposal for the following tasks:

  1. Addressing Google Search Console issues, such as crawled not indexed and discovered not indexed.
  2. Ensuring optimization of the Robots.txt file and confirming no relevant pages are disallowed or no-indexed.
  3. Conducting an SEO blog audit on our website.We aim to boost traffic and improve Google rankings.
  4. Delivering reports for each blog, including recommended changes to help in indexing and ranking.
  5. Offering an off-page SEO strategy, including backlink and relevant link-building tactics. Disavowing spammy links to the website.
  6. Suggesting strategies for enhancing site speed, given our content-rich digital magazine.

We kindly request a proposal for the project, including your budget, with consideration for the possibility of our team’s involvement. We understand that initial time commitment may be necessary, with a reduced workload after optimization.

Thank you for your attention to these queries. We look forward to your proposal at your earliest convenience.