Buying on Croxaint

Buying on Croxaint

1. Every employer is free to join the company subject to the conditions that he/she will abide by the terms & conditions of the   company. Thereafter, the employer shall sign up on the portal/website i.e.

2. Every employer shall provide their verified original documents of KYC to the company and thereafter he/she will be eligible to sign up. If any document or KYC would have been found false, then the company shall have a right to reject the registration of the employer.

3. After approval from the company within 48 hours, the company shall give a confirmation mail to the employer and it shall be the duty of employer that he will issue an undertaking in favour of the company that he will follow and adhere with the terms & conditions of the company. Immediately after receiving the email, the employer shall sign up on the portal and will send a confirmation of the receiving of email.

4. After the confirmations from both the sides, the employer shall be free to post the job or work to be done.

5. A separate memorandum of understanding shall be made amongst the freelancer, company and the employer (MOU attached).

6. The employer shall pay the entire payment in advance to the company and the company will hold  the payment of the freelancer and will pay only after the completion of the work and after deducting the charges of the company.

7. It shall be the responsibility & duty of the employer to send the confirmation to the company that the work has been completed. The original work in any mode shall be given by the company only when the confirmation of the work is made by the employer.

8. No payment would directly paid by the employer to the freelancer and if found, then the company would have a right to retain the entire advance payment made by the employer. The company also reserves his right to ban the employer’s profile permanently.

9. The company shall be free to publish any work done by the freelancer of the employer on any platform for marketing & promotional purposes.

10. The employer shall immediately give his review about the work to the company.

11. All the work done or files to be exchanged regarding the work shall be exchanged only on the company platform.